Dear Dreamers,Happy new year 2016! A warm welcome to you from Corner06. Nice to see you again here at 2016.

Our team had hard-worked on the past December to develop this nice theme you are suffering at the moment.

In this year. Is an excited year for Corner06. We had prepared a lot new element for you. Our creative online shop is ready for you and our idears will be upload new stocks once they are going to publish. Same to portfolios, we got authorized from new idears and their portfolios will be upload according to the schedule. Hence, more articles about fortune-tell will be published. Besides, a new channel all about food for Travelling is coming soon.

Other than above, Our design will also cover to other business. We have signed for some new Facebook fan page to run. Also physical artworks punishment.

And our team structure also amended to fit the coming movements. A new life-style and creative hub created and name as Studio 6. Please also send your clicks to Studio 6 as supporting Corner06.

We wish the coming 2016, Corner06 will keep on surprising you and your cycle.








Have a bright day.Kourin M.L.Executive – Corner06