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2023年末回顧50問50 Questions Review at the end of 2023.

In order to prevent myself from “drunk driving” on the internet, I moved the 50 questions to my blog for answers.

  1. 你快樂嗎
    Are you happy?
  2. 遇過最不幸的事
    The most unfortunate thing I have encountered.
  3. 最想修正的遺憾
    The biggest regret I would like to amend.
  4. PO一張今年拍得最滿意的照片
    Post the most satisfied photo this year.

  5. 看過最爛的電影
    The worst movie I have ever seen.
  6. 遇過最幸運的事
    The luckiest thing I have ever experienced.
  7. 完成了的心願
    The fulfilled wish.
  8. 最自豪的一件事
    The proudest accomplishment.
  9. 別人對你說過最感動的一句話
    The most touching thing someone has said to me.
  10. 外遊過的地方
    The places I have travelled to.
  11. 最常重複播放的一首歌
    The song I frequently replay.
  12. 最想收回的一句話
    The one statement I wish I could take back.
  13. 標記今年收穫的一位新朋友
    Tagging a new friend I made this year.
  14. 何時無地自容得要鑽地洞
    When feeling extremely embarrassed, wishing to crawl into a hole in the ground.
  15. 最想留住的一刻
    The moment I wish to cherish forever.

    呢一題都幾多人想知。但好似冇乜人會明,哈哈哈哈哈。就 Clockenflap 完係 Wink 同Zoo 戈段時間。希他個轉生問我飲咩,但希他本神就屌爆咗我你咪再飲,哈哈哈哈哈。我 2023 年唯一一次落(到)bar。
  16. 吃過最珍貴的一餐
    The most precious meal I have ever had.
  17. 不可能再拍到的照片
    The photo can never be retaken.
  18. 新習得的技能
    The newly acquired skill.
  19. 對上一次沉默的原因
    The reason for the last silence.
  20. 不得不說的謊言
    The lie I had to tell.
  21. 無悔地做的錯事
    The mistake I made without regrets.
  22. 新的疤痕是如何做成的
    How the new scar was formed.
  23. 聽過印象最深刻的一句話
    The most memorable quote I have ever heard.
  24. 被人說過的批評
    The criticism I have received from others.
  25. 想要跟誰說對不起
    Who I want to apologize to.
  26. 看過最精彩的書
    The most captivating book I have ever read.

    Facebook,梳我知有啲爛,但真心今年係 Facebook 同 instagram 見最多 9up 到神靈們連白眼都懶得再翻既文字同圖文內容。沒有比這更精彩的了。
  27. PO一張拍得最差的照片
    Post the worst picture you have taken.
  28. 一件做過的傻事
    One silly thing I have done.
  29. 新建立的壞習慣
    The new bad habit I have developed.

    都幾多人想知呢題,今年其實有兩個我自己都覺得嚴重既壞習慣係新建立。第一個係能攤不坐,就算狀況比較好戈兩個月,我都係會選擇攤而唔坐係度用電腦;第二個係會想 free ride, this is bad.
  30. 學會的一個道理
    The lesson I have learned.
  31. 一樣失去的東西
    Something I have lost.
  32. 失去控制的一刻
    The moment I lost control.
  33. 現在的手機桌布My current phone wallpaper.
  34. 最自由的一瞬間
    The most liberating moment.
  35. 告別了甚麼人
    Saying goodbye to someone.
  36. 湧現過最差勁的惡念
    The emergence of the worst negative thoughts.

  37. 一個字概括今年
    Summing up this year in one word.
  38. 一把眼淚的原因
    The reason behind shedding a tear.
  39. 覺得世界末日的一刻
    The moment felt like it was the end of the world.
  40. 無法說出口的一句話
    The unutterable phrase.

  41. 一次無法解釋的奇蹟
    An inexplicable miracle.
  42. 無法達成的願望
    The unattainable wish.
  43. 最常被問的問題
    The most frequently asked question.

  44. 哪部分的你完全沒有改變
    The part of me that I have never changed.
  45. 想跟去年此刻的你說什麼
    What I would like to say to myself at this time last year.
  46. 一個做錯的決定
    A decision I regret making.
  47. 來年想做的改變
    The changes I want to make in the coming year.
  48. 來年最想達成的事
    The thing I most want to achieve in the coming year.
  49. 跟來年的自己說一句話
    A message to my future self next year.

  50. 許一個願
    Make a wish.
今年生日被逼陪我去 TeamLab 的 H,呢張係我本年度最滿意既照片,沒有之一。完美呈現了 H 的各項性格。
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